Crimsonland - популярный аркадный top-down шутер с видом сверху и одиноким безбашенным героем, который вышел в поле против многотысячной толпы мерзких монстров. Невероятно большое количество оружия, огромнейший перечень умений (перков), невероятные бонусы, море крови и тонны мяса в сопровождении забойной музыки, качественной графикой и бешенным геймплеем.
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yanpl wrote:

It's new, because you hadn't seen it yet;
It's old, because I made it about year ago or so.
I suppose this could be considered a kick-ass gif. Or, not.

похоже, yanpl зарекся переписать tanks...

techdemo 1 (~40kb)

Game will be named: "Tanks: Computer Lifeform One"
What it needs: OpenGL 1.1 support.
What it does, briefly:
It loads from ini file whole upcoming Tanks:CLOne data structure, altough it ATM does almost no difference for game what is loaded.
How it works:
1. It will load preferences from ini file
2. It will set up game engine
3. From specified in preferences modfile it will load the data structure (ATM only bullet type and projectile are sortof working)
4. It will run the demo - shoot 50 bullets of random type from those specified in modfile.
5. it will loop until esc key pressed. When "F" (fire) will be pressed, it will shoot bullets.
6. It prints info about the fps, etc etc.
7. At the end it will save bullet data.
8. Trough execution it will output various info to log file, depending on log level specified - higher level = less important info allowed.

What is it made for?
to let you know i'm doing something, and to let you have a look at data structures.

1. Everything that will do the damage is supposed to be of some kind of warhead (hah, I took the term from C&C RA2 rules.ini ) while everything that damage will be done to is suposed to have an armor type. When damage occurs, it is multiplied by propety of armor type called "liability" associated with respective warhead.
Every weapon type will shoot bullets of specified type AND in specified directions (spreaded by specified angle). Each of bullets is of specified projectile type, and triggers specified explosion (which may "fire" specified "sharpnel" weapon of specified type)
Each creature will have x weapon slots; in those will be allowed weapons from creature type-defined weapon list (one at a time in each slot), reloaded at slot-dependant speeds (set for each slot)
Each creature will be able to produce multiple creatures - production time, product, production direction set in modfile. When creature dies, it releases survivors.

okay, that's all I got to tell ya. In short, you're free to modify files included in this demo - for now, except bullet and projectile types there will be no difference. Game will re-generate modfile with its default values, so feel free to play with theese.

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